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Hosanna - Paul Baloche - Tutoriel Guitare Electrique Solo

Hosanna - Paul Baloche - Tutoriel Guitare Electrique Solo

Definitely one of my favourite songs that Paul Baloche has written! (And he has written MANY!) Anyway, just thought I would run through the guitar instrumental part for this song.

Guitar: Fender Jimmie Vaughan Stratocaster (Tex - Mex Pickups)
Effects: Fractal Audio Axe FX Ultra
Amp: Vox AC4TV
Mic: Blue Snowball USB Mic
DAW: Garageband on MacBook Pro
Camera: Sony HDR 10E

Signal Chain was
Guitar into Line6 G30 Relay Wireless into Fractal Audio Axe FX ultra into the Vox AC4TV.

I forgot to turn off the global poweramp and cab on the axe fx, made the tone a tad too harsh..

Its the first video with my Fractal Audio AXE FX rig, and I'm loving this unit so far, amazing stuff! Need to find an MFC 101 now for it! If the ultra sounds this amazing, I really can;t wait to get my hands on the axe fx II!

recorded it once through and the reason why i kept looking back somewhere in the middle of the video was because I was worried that I didn't leave enough time in between when the backing tracks would play for me to run through the instrumental once slowly and once at original speed.. (that explains why i sped up haha)

Hope this helps others who are trying to figure out the instrumental!

* All original audio tracks are property of Paul Baloche and integrity

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